a fresh new comedy web series from the P! Company

Episode 1 Release Date(s)?!?!

That’s right. We now have two release dates for Fuck My Roommate‘s Premiere episode. But how is that possible you ask? I’ll tell you. This particular episode is so funny (and bizarre) that it requires us to break it into two more manageable bite-size parts.

So we’ll be premiering the episode as The Suggestion Box Part 1 and The Suggestion Box Part 2. Each clocking in at around five minutes, this felt like the best way to showcase this episode- plus now you get awesome “last time on Fuck my Roommate” clips montages to help set-up the previous part.

But if you’d like to see both parts early today, then head on over to the P! Company’s sketch show happening tonight at Coldtowne Theater at 10pm. You’ll get the chance to see some live and video sketch comedy plus the two-part premiere event of our web series, Fuck My Roommate.

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