a fresh new comedy web series from the P! Company

Episode 1, Part 1 – The Suggestion Box

This is the premiere of the new P! Company web series,”Fuck My Roommate.” which stars Andy Petruzzo and Nick Ramirez, as a pair of cool-dude, post-college, twenty-something roommates who are always getting into absurd amounts of trouble.

In this episode, Nick is eating all of Andy’s cereal which is frustrating Andy. So Andy creates the suggestion box to help smooth out their roommate tensions. But what Andy didn’t realize is the monster he would create with the Suggestion Box and its sacred code.

Part 2 of the Suggestion Box will be released in one week, but if you’d like to see the epic conclusion early- head on over to the P! Company’s sketch show happening 10pm, Thursday Night at Coldtowne Theater. You’ll get the chance to see some live and video sketch comedy plus the two-part premiere event of our web series, Fuck My Roommate.

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