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Welcome to FuckMyRoommate.com

Welcome to FuckMyRoommate.com, an amazing new web series from the P! Company. The series stars P! Company founder, Andy Petruzzo, and loyal P! companaut, Nick Ramirez, as a pair of cool-dude, post-college, twenty-something, roommates. Hilarity ensues as the duo navigates the absurd pros and cons of sharing their place.

The site will be your one-stop shop for all things Fuck My Roommate oriented. We also plan on creating a friendlier “FORGET My Roommate” website for those of you who want to check up on the series at work.

The series premieres online January 7th, but you can also catch the episode with the P! Company’s run of live sketch shows- Thursday Nights at 10pm in January at Coldtowne Theater in Austin, Texas.

More soon.